Moving forward together: our 2017 objectives

Our 2017 objectives have been carefully chosen to help drive our priorities, improve service delivery and meet the evolving needs of our client and customers. Each strategic goal reflects our values, vision and mission, which remain the same.

Our vision: Leading the way in service excellence on the military estate

Our mission: Deliver smarter, more efficient solutions to our Armed Forces

Goal one: Safe workplaces and healthy people

We will further improve our Health and Safety culture by launching a ‘Follow the Rules’ campaign focused on the basics of keeping our workforce safe. Health champions will be identified for each contract and we will complete a health and safety survey with all of our people.

Goal two: Low environmental impact and a benefit to our communities

We will support the Ministry of Defence in managing climate change, protecting biodiversity, reducing the use of resources and engaging with our Armed Forces and local communities.

Goal three: Outstanding operational performance

In our Regional Prime contract: We will improve the competency and capability of our project management team, demonstrate high levels of asset compliance, maximise our use of handheld technology and deliver outstanding operational performance.

In our National Housing Prime contract: We will ensure our operatives are competent to deliver our services safely and effectively. We will sustain our core contract performance while delivering our Additional Works programme efficiently and effectively. We will help Defence Infrastructure Organisation maximise occupancy levels across the defence estate through the Private Rental Scheme.

Goal four: Investing in our people

We will enhance our culture by employing people who demonstrate CarillionAmey’s values and organise ourselves to deliver our business plan. We will motivate and train our people to be able to undertake their role and improve our systems to support business performance. Our Investors in People framework will help us improve people management and professional development.

Goal five: Financially successful

We will improve efficiency, delivering a better service at a reduced overhead and, working collaboratively with Defence Infrastructure Organisation, reduce the time taken to process investment projects across the defence estate. We will review our supply chain strategy and improve the way we use data to drive positive outcomes for service and cost.

Goal Six: Satisfied clients, customers and stakeholders

We will improve communication with our customers, engage more and provide better operational updates. We will embrace technology to make customer communication more efficient. Our Customer Service Centre will work towards ServiceMark accreditation by the Institute of Customer Service and overall customer, client and stakeholder perception will improve.

Read about our progress towards these goals in our blog.