01 February 2018: DIO and CarillionAmey stage Army Infrastructure War Game in Aldershot

We were invited to a two day Infrastructure War Game with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) by the Army on our South West Regional Prime contract. It was held at Aldershot on the 23 and 24 January 2018 by the Army and took place during the final week of the three week induction programme for the new Army Regional Infrastructure Cell staff.

The aim of this exercise was to practice and develop the processes and procedures that the Top Level Budget Holders (TLBs) will adopt from 1 April 2018 when they will be delegated responsibility for infrastructure budgets. Testing new processes and approaches by mimicking real life infrastructure situations is important to ensure that they are effective and successful, and also tests the way in which we work together with the DIO and the Army. It is also important to highlight areas for improvement ahead of the transfer.

Taking part in the event were a wide range of our Army stakeholders, DIO Service Managers Andy Honnor and Jason Day, and our Regional Manager, Terry Wynne and Service Delivery Area Manager, Paul Worthington. Each process was tested by using a clear scenario along with a description of the various actions that would take place to achieve a successful outcome. Having run through each process in detail, the attendees were able to provide constructive comment and their feedback was captured in order to find areas for improvement.

The output from the event will be in a revised Army Infrastructure Manual to provide details of each of the various infrastructure processes to be adopted from 1 April 2018. A formal Rehearsal of Concept event is now planned for March when the processes will be demonstrated to senior Army personnel and major stakeholders.

Colonel Andy Szabo said, “The War Game has been an important stepping stone as the Army TLB prepares to be delegated control of its infrastructure funding. The involvement of the DIO and CarillionAmey has been vital in helping shape new processes.”