01 February 2018: Enhanced text message reminders for our housing customers

Last November we wrapped up our series of Customer Engagement Forum workshops, in collaboration with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation, across the National Housing Prime contract. This is the first in our new series of articles sharing our action plan and improvements following feedback from our customers at those workshops.

These workshops have provided a voice to our Service families to share their experiences on what’s gone well, not so well and to help us understand what matters to them. One of the issues we identified was that there are insufficient operational communications to customers ahead of certain appointments, specifically pre-planned maintenance inspections.

We will be sending text message reminders to customers ahead of pre-planned maintenance inspections. Customers who have provided their mobile phone number as a preferred method of contact from a previous repair maintenance job in their current home will start getting the text messages but customers across the contract can also call in order to add their number to the system to ensure they’re receiving this service.

The reminder will be sent 48 hours before the appointment giving customers the opportunity to cancel the appointment via a text message number which is provided in the reminder. We hope this will provide greater convenience for customers and reduce the volume of ‘no access’ visits and wasted time by operatives.