02 March 2018: Storm Emma Customer Service Update

Yesterday saw our busiest day across Housing, but with relative stability across the Regional Primes (many sites, particularly across Scotland and the South West of England, have seen closures and/or significant road access issues).

With a 150% increase in Housing calls into our Helpdesk and receipt of 1,000 critical orders in 24 hours (typically we receive 950 per week) we are asking that customers report only the most critical issues to avoid the increased wait times to speak to our agents. We are fully resourced and focused on frontline support, answering calls as quickly as possible without cutting anyone off. We will continue to prioritise only the most critical works, and pre-planned non-urgent works are being postponed in the worst affected areas. Despite the challenging conditions on Housing we have been able to attend in excess of 80% of critical works.

We are grateful for Housing customers using sensible self-help initiatives to defrost boiler condensation pipes and reset boilers, which was one of our most commonly reported faults yesterday, causing loss of heating but with a relatively simple fix that many people are able to resolve quickly (please seeĀ self-help video). We also continue to encourage customers to keep their heating on, even when away from their homes, to avoid further freezing of systems.

As the deep freeze starts to lessen, we ask customers to be mindful of potential leaks from pipes, and to remind themselves of how to turn off their water supply if a leak becomes uncontainable.

With Storm Emma continuing to wreak havoc we would like to thank staff and supply chain partners who are continuing to deliver for our customers, with a special thanks to our operatives from ISS who have been stationed across the UK, staying on overnight at establishments in the worst affected areas in order to keep on top of snow and ice clearance.