03 August 2017: Military Working Dogs find a new home at North Luffenham

One of the highest priority Army Basing Programme projects, to provide a temporary home and facilities for 1st Military Working Dog (MWD) Regiment ahead of the planned disposal of St George’s Barracks as part of the Ministry Of Defence’s Better Defence Estate Strategy, is well underway and close to completion.

The first two parts of the project were the provision of temporary dog kennels and converting a disused former fire station into a dog washing, food storage and food preparation area. Getting these two parts complete before the end of July was critical to prepare for the return of the regiment back from Germany.

Cost innovation was critical to the project and the novel use of ‘sleeping policemen’ to protect cabling to the site removed the need for excavation and improved safety. It also allowed for simple inspection and maintenance, minimised trip hazards and offered a solution that can be reused as needed, saving both time and money. This approach will be shared as best practice for future projects.

The first two parts of the project were delivered on time, on budget and to a high quality. The final parts of the project will include the provision of a vet centre for clinical consultation, so the focus is now on making sure we achieve the same results.

The 1 MWD Regiment Project Manager, Major Jack Kemp, praised the project and the collaboration between all stakeholders. “We communicated on a daily basis and everything I asked for was discussed and agreed quickly. The MWD and their handlers will immensely benefit from the work completed to date.”

Tim Quinnell, DIO Army Basing Programme Requirements Manager, also said, “My sincere thanks go to the Service Delivery team, in particular Emma Alexander at Waddington who was supported by Warren Hughes and Mark Akester from CarillionAmey, their designer Ben Bettle and construction supplier Daubney, for their efforts to get the compound ready for the arrival of the dogs. Pragmatic solutions to issues have been offered throughout in a highly collaborative way between the Regiment, the Army Basing Team and Defence Infrastructure Organisation. They have managed to deliver the key output on time, with the remaining elements to support 1MWD Regiment expected as planned for delivery over the coming weeks.”