04 January 2018: Safe Start programme is rolled out across our contracts

Returning to work after the festive season can often mean an increase in accidents and near misses. Distractions, poor weather conditions and forgetting about hazards are all common contributors to workplace incidents in the first few months of the year so it’s really important that we are reminded of our robust health and safety procedures so we can be confident we are working safely and demonstrating our safe work approach to our clients and customers.

Ensuring the health and safety of everyone who live and work on the sites we look after is our top priority. In late December we began our annual safe start campaign that provided material for the January start-up. It focused on three primary objectives; to review our key safety systems to make sure they are still effective; ensure that sufficient supervision and monitoring of work is in place to avoid and reduce risk; and to ultimately stop accidents occurring to protect our staff, colleagues, supply chain partners and customers from injury and ill health.

On the first working day of January, our Operational/Delivery Managers presented a tailored Toolbox Talk to their site teams to remind them of our safe working practices. Attendance at these briefings was recorded so we can be absolutely sure that our message reached the right people at the right time. Our health and safety teams will continue to visit sites to ensure all necessary requirements are in place and to offer support if needed.

Peter Franklin, our HSEQ Director, is overseeing the campaign and said “Everyone has a responsibility to fully participate when it comes to health and safety and we must ensure that everyone working for us and those living and working alongside us are protected from the risk of injury. Our safe start programme should give our staff, supply chain partners and customers peace of mind that we are serious about health and safety.”