05 October 2017: New supply chain delivery model is launched across the South East housing contract

On September 18th, we successfully transitioned to a new supply chain delivery model across the South East area of the National Housing Prime contract. The aim of the new model is to provide customers with a more collaborative and cohesive service by introducing three smaller contractors, local to their delivery areas, to handle all routine and planned maintenance, move-in preparation, gas works and funded project work.

We have selected three contractors, Bell Group, P&R and GBE, who between them have a wealth of experience of working on the Defence estate. All three are embedded in other areas of our contracts so we know they have the knowledge and skills needed to continue to provide our customers with an excellent service. Being local to the areas in which they work also has huge benefits – they’re familiar with the geography and really do care about the communities they live and work alongside.

We are confident the transition will improve the quality and timeliness of routine service delivery in the South East. Earlier this year, we introduced this model into our housing contract in the South West and we’re already seeing a reduction in complaints and an increase in customer service.

Meet the contractors

Bell Group, responsible for the Aldershot area, are already well established on our Regional Prime Scotland and Northern Ireland contract and have an excellent track record of delivering our contracted KPIs. They manage, control and verify all electrical and gas work from a central location, meaning any issues are picked up quickly and the appropriate team notified. They work very closely with their subcontractors and are keen to share best practice across our contracts, and because they already have working knowledge of our systems and processes, it has been very easy for them to make the transition into the South East.

P&R, responsible for Kent and London District, are already delivering in housing across the East and share our drive to improve customer service, having raised their contractual performance to meet KPIs in a three month window in 2016. They are supported by a significant parent company, directly employing gas and electrical engineers and delivering services to in excess of 100,000 social houses across the South East. P&R are ready to take on what they know to be a challenging area.

GBE, responsible for High Wycombe and Brize Norton area, have been delivering against the contract for housing across South Wales and the South West since the beginning of the contract. They understand the importance of accurate scheduling and seasonality of work and have a strong knowledge of our service delivery, our systems and our devices.

Paul Callear, CarillionAmey’s mobilisation manager, has been overseeing the transition and said “Moving to this new supply delivery model means that our contractors will be managed by us locally, allowing greater ownership and accountability at area level. We’ve also recruited new Delivery Managers and Accommodation Officers to help manage any escalations and provide further support to our suppliers and customers. I’m looking forward to seeing the improvements over the next few months.”