07 December 2017: Army Reservist joins the CarillionAmey ranks

We are keen to employ those from the military community, not only do they have a wealth of skills that are transferable to our business but we feel that their experiences in the Armed Forces can be useful. Especially those working in a Customer Services role, as they interact with customers who are in the Armed Forces every day and are able to empathise with having been their position.

Liam Riley recently started on the maintenance helpdesk in our Customer Service Centre following advice he received from his partner who works for one of our parent companies. He completed three months basic training within the regular Army and around a year later, following compassionate leave, he successfully re-applied for the Army Reserves within the Royal Artillery.

Liam has been with the Reserves for over a year now. The time-keeping and team work skills and experience that Liam has gained from his time with the Army and in the Reserves will be a great help to his new role as a Customer Service Advisor. He is also keen to help people as much as he can as he knows what it’s like to be in their shoes.

He said, “I looked into CarillionAmey and was very interested straight away by all the work they do for the Armed Forces. During the time I have been here, I feel very proud to work for CarillionAmey. It was especially good to see how much the company does on days such as Remembrance Day.”