07 December 2017: CarillionAmey attend Defence Infrastructure Organisation Senior Management Forum

We were delighted to be invited to join the Defence Infrastructure Organisation’s (DIO) TFM Senior Management Forum recently. As an industry partner it is important that we understand the challenges that DIO faces, and their direction of travel for the future, so we can better work together to achieve shared success.

The event, held at Catterick Garrison, was designed to help DIO staff and industry partners better understand the new priorities being put in place across DIO Service Delivery TFM, which include improving customer experience, finding ways to add value, moving at pace and delivering continuous improvement.

Lots of consideration was given to how we can collectively support our customers in the Armed Forces, with particular attention given to the planned transfer of delegated budgets to the front line commands next year. Making sure this transfer goes smoothly is a top priority for all involved, and is the reason why we have been facilitating collaborative events at our Customer Service Centre in Liverpool to get together the front line command’s infrastructure teams, DIO and CarillionAmey staff.

It was great to also hear from CarillionAramark who are currently mobilising soft services contracts for DIO. The mobilisations are going well, but the opportunity to explore further ways to improve the contract mobilisation process was worthwhile for everyone. Clearly the current NGEC contracts also have lifespan, and will need to be replaced in due course. Looking forward, DIO are actively involved in their Future Defence Infrastructure Strategy (FDIS) work to develop their future contract requirements, which will become an increasing priority following the transfer of delegations.

The estate optimisation programme continues to gather pace, offering real opportunity to design a more focused defence estate, and to ensure it works better for the people who use it. Again, as industry partners, there is an opportunity to support this work, add value and continue to deliver.

There were a number of useful and insightful presentations, including views from Mark Murphy, DIO Head of Service Delivery TFM on current priorities, and Geoff Robson, DIO Chief Operating Officer on the future DIO programme. After the presentations the forum broke out into workshops that looked to develop the scope of works for ensuring the four main priorities (customer, adding value, pace and continuous improvement) deliver practical outputs.

Jerry Moloney, CarillionAmey Regional Prime Operations Director, said, “As an industry partner, it’s great to be working collaboratively with DIO on their priorities and planning. This type of dialogue helps us to ensure that our business plan marries up with DIO’s plans for delivery right now and also aligns with their vision for the future. We’re working on practical projects together, for the benefit of our customers, and becoming increasingly successful by breaking down barriers and focusing on what we can achieve together. My colleagues and I were really grateful for the invitation to the event, and I’m really pleased to see improving levels of collaboration and customer focus up and down our respective organisations.”