07 June 2017: New technology launch

We’ve recently invested in new technology to make communication quicker and easier for our customers. We’re excited to announce that our new communication channels go live today.

From today customers will be able to get in touch with us through various channels. We’ll be able to raise maintenance jobs and answer any queries through Facebook messenger, Twitter messages and by text message.

Centralising these channels into a single platform will improve manageability and communication. We can also use the system to monitor trends and gain feedback to further improve customer experience.

See below for the details of each of our channels:

Establishment Repairs (our Regional Prime team)

Housing Repairs (our Housing team)

Allocations (our Occupancy Services team)

Complaints (our Frontline Complaints team)

Soon we will be launching our new WebChat service so customers can speak to one of our advisors live through our website to ask questions and raise jobs. We’ll be updating you with a launch date in the next few weeks.