07 June 2018: CarillionAmey and the DIO meet for Joint Leadership Event at the Customer Service Centre in Liverpool

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and our Regional Prime Central management teams met at our Customer Service Centre in Speke, Liverpool on the 23 May 2018 for a two day Joint Leadership Event.

The objectives for the event were to test the commitments, vision and approach of each of our respective organisations, share business updates, prioritise and commit to the delivery of joint objectives and build and strengthen the relationship between the DIO and our leadership teams, setting the expectations for the joint teams.

The event began with DIO’s Head of Central Region and the United States Visiting Force (USVF), Jason Day, and Regional Prime Central Operations Director, Paul Bond, outlining their personal and corporate perspectives on their challenges, mind set and approach. The context of their messages resonated with the entire group and reinforced the value of sharing information across all areas of the business, and set the tone for the two days together.

The group discussed the recently developed structures and this allowed the teams to understand how they can better complement one another and for our team in particular, the scale of the DIO’s wider Central Region was eye opening. The teams discussed the impact of the recent changes within both businesses, not least with the transfer of funding to the Front Line Commands and the introduction of Future DIO.

They reflected on how best to improve our current relationship and agreed that the concept of a ‘Team of Teams’ neatly captured what the leadership team is trying to create. This concept is taken from a Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World by General Stanley McChrystal. He describes how organisations can take his experiences in the US military; overcoming adversity by using a modern approach to collaboration and cultural cohesion. McChrystal acknowledges that individual teams thrive on their own identity though multiple teams can be equally successful with well-defined and shared objectives.

It was also acknowledged that both the DIO and our teams are operating extremely well and across boundaries but need to be provided with clear and joint objectives. Following a SWOT analysis, where they identified their current strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats, the leadership team were able to agree tangible objectives that will be reviewed by a follow up joint event in the summer.

Jason Day said, “The event was a great opportunity to set direction and focus on our key outputs.  As a senior leadership team we now have a very clear understanding of our priorities and a commitment to work better together to create an environment of shared ownership.  The event was hosted brilliantly by the team at Speke and we thank them for giving us a really useful insight in to the helpdesk operations.”

Paul Bond said, “This event felt like a real step forward for us all.  We don’t often get the time to really understand each other but over the two days and evening we got to know each other even better which meant we could tackle some deep seated subjects.  We do a lot of things very well at the moment but this event sets us up well for further improvements.”