07 June 2018: CarillionAmey use innovation to reduce environmental impact in the South West

We recently worked on a project on our Regional Prime South West contract to introduce an extremely efficient Sockit filtration system. By developing an innovative solution to an established and costly long term problem, we have found a way to manage waste water from bunds and minimise our environmental impact and in a more sustainable way.

We had originally appointed a specialist to empty rain water from oil storage tank concrete bunds and transport it to a filtration site several miles. A bund is a secondary containment system designed to prevent fuel lost from the tank escaping into the environment. To transport the waste and rain water from these bunds off site to a specialist water management plant, the contractor needed to use a tanker at a cost of around £800 to £1000 per trip.

This new Sockit filtration system uses multi-stage filtration media to remove hydrocarbons and sediment to near undetectable levels without slowing the pumping process. By implementing this efficient and effective new system, it removed the need for disposal by tankers to an external site.

The new system has not only brought about a reduction in our environmental impact, it has also resulted in a significant reduction in costs, meaning the money can be used elsewhere. This innovative solution can be easily transferred to sites anywhere across the MoD estate where the problem still exists.