07 September 2017: CarillionAmey host One Team Event with DIO and AFF

Our South East Housing team held an event in Farnborough with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), Army Families Federation (AFF) and Military Housing Liaison Officer’s (MHLO’s) recently.

The ‘One Team’ Event was held to introduce our new delivery model, which will be rolled out across the South East region on the 18th September. Three smaller contractors, local to their delivery areas, will be handling routine and planned maintenance, move-in preparation, gas works and funded project work.

The first half of the session brought the new contractors together to discuss health & safety, assurance, environmental policy, technical compliance, performance requirements and deliverables. This provided them with invaluable insight into the areas they will manage, a greater understanding of their responsibilities and gave them an opportunity to meet each other in order to work collaboratively.

During the afternoon members of the DIO, AFF and MHLO’s joined us for a customer-focused session where we reviewed complaint drivers and key areas for improvement. This part of the session was a great opportunity for us to discuss current issues together and what improvement actions are needed moving forward.

The day finished with the DIO, AFF and MHLO’s talking to the contractors about the diverse customer base that we deal with and situations that may arise, along with what activity and improvements have made a difference to customers. It was also important for the new contractors to meet with both our client and stakeholders in order to gain a better perspective of how they will each need to work on delivering a more customer focused and streamlined service in their areas.

Cat Calder, Housing Specialist at the AFF, said, “I was delighted to recently attend a session for the new contractors in the South East – it was a very inspiring afternoon. Those in charge of the new contractors are determined to give the best service they can to military families. One of the exercises I observed involved examining complaints and retracing the steps taken to see what had gone wrong, and what could be done to prevent the error happening again; unsurprisingly most issues boiled down to poor communication and all contractors took this on board.

Having seen the marked improvement in the South West region since the change over to the new contractors with an end-to-end service, I am very hopeful that this improvement will be replicated in the South East region and that any issues that do arise will be swiftly dealt with before they escalate.”