07 April 2017: A day in the life of a Reservist

Two members of CarillionAmey recently headed to Shropshire to take part in an Army Reserves Weekend. The challenge aims to give a ‘taster’ of what it’s like to be in the Reserves and stretches mental and physical capabilities.

The 36 hour challenge was held at Nesscliffe Training Camp. Those who took part had their leadership skills and ability to work effectively as a team continuously tested. Before starting the two day challenge, the Directing Staff and mentors gave talks about their experiences as reservists. One of the mentors leading a team was an ex-full time soldier now turned Reservist.

During the challenge they had to take part in various command tasks and viewed simulations by different parts of the Army. Firstly they were tasked with a ‘Ready Steady Cook’ type challenge, where they didn’t have long to create a three course meal. The teams also had pistol shooting and observation tests, they were challenged to negotiate an obstacle course blindfolded whilst being directed by a team mate and they also dealt with two serious casualties where they administered first aid and got them to safety as well as various other tasks.  The teams had to set up shelters and harbour areas where they would be spending the night outdoors as well.

Mark Wall, Senior Project Manager had fun with the first task and received good feedback from the chefs for their efforts. He explains, “It was a great team effort and I could feel the enthusiasm and strength of the team developing even at the very first task.Overall a great experience, I met some good people, with whom a strong bond was formed during the event. I learned a lot about myself and the Reserves and had a great time.”

Martin Plappert, Sustainability Specialist, really enjoyed the challenge from a civilian perspective. “As a civvie with little prior exposure to the military, experiencing the diversity of army operations really opened my eyes. I was impressed with the calibre of people, as well as the commitment and dedication displayed by all who were involved over the entire weekend. I enjoyed it so much that I am now looking to join the army reserves.”

We employ several Reservists nationwide and we’re proud of the work they do. We recognise the brilliant transferable skills Reserves bring to our business from their military involvement; leadership skills, project management and communications, and all of our Reserves work in roles where these skills can shine through.