08 February 2018: DIO host workshop to adapt ICMMs ahead of the planned transfer of delegated budgets

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) hosted a workshop recently to look at how the current Infrastructure Community Monthly Meetings (ICMMs) can be adapted to meet the needs of the Top Level Budget Holders (TLBs), ahead of the planned transfer of delegated budgets in April 2018. We were invited to participate and contribute to the workshop.

The event took place at Whittington Barracks and involved collaboration between key stakeholders from the DIO, the Army, the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. Mark Murphy, DIO Head of TFM Service Delivery, set the tone for the workshop by making it clear that the focus for the ICMM must be putting the customer at the centre of the decision making and all elements of service delivery.

Our relationship, as industry partners, with the DIO and the TLBs ensures that we have positive and effective communications with the customer in place. ICMMs are a key part of monitoring performance and to be effective, a coherent and collaborative approach from all stakeholders is essential. Since we introduced a new monthly performance report reflecting constructive feedback from both ourselves and the DIO, it has continued to receive positive reviews at TLB level.

Those at the workshop divided into groups to look in detail at the elements that make the ICMM and to make recommendations for its improvement. A number of suggestions emerged from these discussions which were turned into action points across a number of work strands. We look forward to providing continued support for this initiative.

Mark Murphy said, “DIO Service delivery and TFM are committed to working closely with our customers and industry partners. Joint events like this continue to show and drive this commitment forward.”