08 February 2018: Improving the Walkaway Scheme for Service families

We recognise that some of our customers have concerns about the Walkaway Scheme, how easy it is to use and how effective it is as a service. As ever, the customer feedback is really helpful and we’ve been looking to make some improvements.

How the Walkaway Scheme actually works

We received lots of questions from customers asking how the scheme actually works, is it a cleaning service? What do people actually get for their money?

We’ve taken this feedback and tried to explain the Walkaway Scheme a little better in our new poster.

Launching a new online payment system

Customers told us that paying just one cost effective fee for all indemnities purchased under the Walkaway Scheme gives them less to worry about when moving out, but the process for making a purchase by contacting our team was not always easy.

To address this feedback we’ve now launched a convenient online system, accessible through our website and available 24/7. Setting up an account is easy and allows customers to make safe and secure payments.

Addressing customer concerns about the Walkaway Scheme

Customers also reported issues about the next occupants of the house having problems with the quality of cleaning undertaken before they moved in, so we wanted to investigate this.

The Walkaway Scheme isn’t a contract for cleaning or gardening but we do have to ensure, as part of our contract, that 95% of homes are prepared to move in standard for the next occupant.

In 2017, 2,578 homes were moved in to following the use of the Walkaway Scheme, of which 96% experienced no issues at move in. Out of the 106 homes that did experience an issue at move in, 101 of these were resolved within 24 hours, in line with our contract, and the remaining five were all rectified a short time later.

Customers are starting to see the improvements

As part of the research for this article we talked to customers who had recently used the Walkaway Scheme to ask about their experience. All of the customers we spoke to said they would recommend the Walkway Scheme to a friend or neighbour, when we asked the reason why, Mr Hoult said the Walkaway Scheme was “simple and effective”, other customers described the scheme as “quick and easy”, “simple to use” and meant they “didn’t have anything to worry about”.

We’re looking at more ways improve the Walkaway Scheme, including the possibility of expanding the options currently available, to further reduce the effort required at move out.