22 June 2017: Bed bugs control / treatment – all year round


Bed bugs are small pale brown insects and can live 10 months without feeding. Each female will lay up to 200 eggs and development from the egg to adult can take just six weeks. You can tell whether you have an infestation if you have any blood on your sheets or you can see live or dead bugs on mattresses, bed frames and hems of curtains. Faecal spotting close together is also a good sign of bed bugs and sticky traps can also be used to trap them.

Treatment actions for bed bugs are:

  • Vacuum beds and carpets before any treatment and then quickly dispose of the contents away from the house
  • Seal any bedding used during the infestation into plastic bags to be washed and dried. Drying in a dryer on the highest setting for 20 minutes will kill any bed bugs that have been left behind
  • If you have a ‘box’ type bed with a void, you will need to ensure everything is removed and open for treatment
  • Mitie Pest Control use a combination of steam, insecticidal spray and insecticidal dust to treat the bed bugs
  • Don’t vacuum for at least seven days after the treatment to allow bedbugs to come into contact with the treatment and it will generally need two treatments to ensure they are definitely gone for good