09 June 2017: Iain spends a year away in the Reserves

We currently employ over 150 employees from the military community. Out of this 150, while working for our business, 21 of these are also Reservists. One of them is Iain, working for us as an Area Delivery Manager and he has recently come back to work from a year away in the Reserves.

In April 2016 he was called out into permanent service by the Royal Air Force as a reservist. His job consisted of leading and managing a shift of around 10 personnel on hi tempo operations, in a confined space. This was completely different to his every day role as Area Delivery Manager for our National Housing Prime contract.

While he was away he was asked lots of questions about housing, which he did his best to signpost on to the right team. His year away improved his skills and he learned a lot about himself and the decisions he had to make made him feel quite isolated at times. The challenges were very different to what he would normally face on a day to day basis.

He spent his New Year’s Eve running hot food down to the guard room and also acted as the proxy at a Move-Out for a fellow Serviceman. This meant Iain coming face-to-face with our business from a customer’s perspective. He found this interesting and liked seeing us how our customers see us. The Accommodation Officer completing the Move-Out also normally works for Iain so he was surprised to see him on the other side.

Iain was grateful for the help he received from us during his year away. He said, “CarillionAmey were great while I was away, my line manager, came to visit me in my work place during operations and got to see the type of work my team were engaged in. HR kept in touch regularly – making sure nothing slipped, and upon my return they were amazing at making sure everything was set up for my return. Towards the end of my tour, I came back to work for a day to ensure a smooth transition back into the business.”