10 August 2017: Thoughts from the top: Our Operations Director offers his insight on Estate Optimisation

Estate Optimisation is a key part of the Ministry of Defences’ “Better Defence Estate” strategy. Its aim is to support military capability by providing a smaller, but better, estate for our Armed Forces and their families out to 2040 and beyond. The plan looks to reduce the MoD estate by 30% leaving more fit for purpose estate that delivers a more improved modern military capability.

Having worked on the estate for a number of years, it’s clear that a number of the building assets date back to the Second World War (and prior) and are well beyond their anticipated lifespan. I always relate to the number of large aircraft hangars that were built in the early 1940’s to house large Lancaster Bombers. Today’s technology and equipment is very different and the design of these hangers no longer meet today’s requirements.

With the significant constraints around funding and budgets, together with an estate that is suffering under investment, the need to reduce the size of the estate becomes clearer. The focus of available funds in a more modern and right sized infrastructure will deliver far better outcomes for our military.

CarillionAmey’s support on achieving this strategy is making sure we maintain compliance on the existing estate whilst the change is underway and to help identify failing assets that will assist proper decisions to be made before committing limited funds.

Jerry Moloney
Operations Director for the Regional Prime Contract