10 July 2017: You said, we did: our responsibilities

We’re out engaging customers at the moment through a series of workshops across the UK with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO). Our customer engagement workshops are of great value and importance to us, all feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, helps shape our business and tailor services to better suit our customer’s needs.

This is the next article in our series highlighting a selection of the specific improvements we’ve put in place following a review of feedback. We were made aware by customers that they were unsure who was responsible for what and a lot of the information available isn’t very clear.

DIO wanted to help explain our responsibilities, within context, and emphasise the importance of what the customer is responsible for too. Through our Customer Engagement workshops, we are explaining that, although we work together as one team, we each have our own responsibilities.

To help this, DIO have created a ‘we all have a part to play’ video. It explains everyone’s responsibility when it comes to accommodation, including us, Service families, Ministry of Defence, front-line commands and DIO.

It’s been created in order to ensure that any comments and queries relating to Service Family Accommodation are directed to the right place. This will help to avoid any delays for our customers which happen when requests are sent to the wrong team. The video also comes with a poster that will be available on our website and in the local HIVES and our Local Customer Service Centres.