10 May 2018: CarillionAmey and DIO replace and update Sentry boxes in London

We have worked with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and three of our supply chain partners on a project to replace twelve Sentry boxes at Buckingham Palace, St James’ Palace and the Tower of London on our Regional Prime South East contract. Maintaining these historically important assets is a critical part of our job delivering Facilities Management services across the defence estate.

These iconic sentry boxes look very traditional, but now contain lots of modern technology upgrades. We took the designs from original silk drawings dating back to 1954, transferred the designs into electronic format and manufactured the new boxes off-site before installing them through the night around events to minimise disruption. The boxes, used for ceremonial duties, now contain plug and play security connectivity linking them to the guardrooms at each location.

For the design elements of the project we worked with Frankham Consultancy Group, build and installation was supported by Inside Out Developments Ltd and security connectivity upgrades were undertaken by SSG. This project was managed by our project manager, Cary Banton, and supported by our safety specialists Robert Law and Jasson Robles.

Through numerous scoping and progress meetings, consulting with representatives from each location and the Public Duties Incremental Companies, the scope and installation procedure were agreed. The project had some challenges, with the need to have the appointed sign writer complete the Royal Cypher on each box and using appointed providers to source the Britannia Blue and Tower of London Black paint, however, everything was completed to the precise specification with minimal delays.

All three phases of the project have been completed successfully, safely and efficiently. John Riley, Operations Director for the Regional Prime South East, said, “It is such an honour for CarillionAmey to be able to be involved in this most important and nostalgic project. The team have worked tirelessly in delivering such an intricate and complex asset delivery. Also, thank you for all the assistance from the Royal Household Property Department appertaining agreements reference to logistics, permits and passes and all assistance from Lance Sergeant Anderson-Kobs, Royal Guardroom Administration Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, Quartermaster’s Department at Wellington Barracks.”

Jasson Robles, SHEF Specialist for the South East, said, “Well done to all those involved directly and indirectly with the successful installation and removal of the Sentry Boxes at all three sites. With what at first came across as a simple delivery on paper and adjudication level, developed into a much complex operation dealing with such high profile sites, logistics, personnel and prestigious items. I’m glad to hear that no royals were awoken or disturbed during our operations.”