10 May 2018: ISS Operatives awarded commendation for going above and beyond

Two ISS Operatives have received a commendation from the Commandant, Colonel Mike Tanner recently at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines, Lympstone, on our Regional Prime South West contract. The commendation was awarded for their major efforts and the integral role they played in keeping the roads and pathways clear and sites up and running during the extreme weather conditions last month.

Tony Dyer, ISS Site Team Leader, and John Berry, ISS Operative, remained at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines to deliver positive experiences throughout the period of extreme weather, ensuring there was no disruption to the daily routines of those on site. They spent the night on site in their workshop and this meant that the roads and pathways were clear and safe to use the following day.

The pair also took it upon themselves to clear the A376 for a significant distance outside the camp to ensure that access for emergency vehicles was maintained. This hard work was typical of the commendable dedication and conscientiousness that they apply to their everyday work on site. Tony and John have also been nominated to win the ISS Power of the Human Touch Award with a potential trip to New York following this commendation.

Ensuring sites are kept running is important in our work delivering Facilities Management services and this highlights how our staff continue to deliver in any weather, going above and beyond for our customers. The Commandant, Col Mike Tanner OBE, said I “was deeply impressed and humbled by the professional dedication and was keen to award their certificates of appreciation personally. Quite frankly, without John and Tony, we couldn’t have kept this base running, they were fantastic, showing real Commando spirit.”

William Steele, National Accounts Director, ISS Facility Services Landscaping said, “The Beast from the East and Storm Emma gave the UK some of the most testing weather conditions experienced for many years, during which time our national network of local teams remained on high alert ensuring the defence estate sites stayed safe and operational for our Armed Forces.

We would like to offer Tony Dyer and John Berry, our local team at CTC RM Lympstone, huge congratulations on receiving a Commendation from the Commandant, very high praise indeed. Like many of our UK teams, Tony and John bedded down on site, rather than going home to their families, to ensure they would be available and ready to keep the roads and pathways of RM Lympstone clear. Tony and John are an absolute testament to the commitment both they and our teams continually demonstrate, going above and beyond and delivering a job well done.”