10 November 2017: CarillionAmey’s Interim Managing Director lays wreath for Remembrance Day

Our newly appointed Interim Managing Director Phil Shepley laid a wreath on Friday 10 November with Peter Lemon, Head of Establishment at DIO Sutton Coldfield, in honour of Remembrance Day.

Shortly before the ceremony, a new memorial stone was also unveiled to remember those who were based at Sutton Coldfield who lost their lives during the Second World War. Peter Lemon made a short speech before the unveiling of the plaque in memory of four airmen from St George’s Barracks.

Part of his speech said, “During the Second World War, this site was occupied by number 5 Balloon Centre of the Royal Air Force. In this role it was responsible for operating the North Birmingham Balloon Barrage. The men and women of the unit based here were deployed across the Midlands operating barrage balloons during the height of the blitz.  A number of them were killed as a result of enemy action whilst performing their duties.”

A bugler played the last post following the ceremony.