11 January 2018: CarillionAmey and DIO engage with new Army Regional Infrastructure Cells

Last week we engaged with the new Army Regional Infrastructure Cells (RICs) alongside Mark Murphy, Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) Head of TFM Service Delivery, and Andy Honnor, DIO Service Manager for Regional Prime South East.

Staff from the new RICs began a three week induction programme, delivered by Regional Command, as part of the wider Army Infrastructure team. Following the three week induction programme, their new processes and approach will be tested to ensure they are effective and successful in real life infrastructure situations. Members of DIO attended the programme as part of the broader collaborative working approach. The induction programme also included an engagement session with us, as industry partners. Richard Castell, our Regional Prime Operational Relationship Manager, was also invited to sit in on the DIO specific sessions.

After a working lunch with Major General Duncan Capps, General Officer Commanding Regional Command, our Operations Director, Jerry Moloney delivered a well-received presentation about the Regional Prime contracts we deliver. This provided insight into how things work and looked at the benefits and limitations of the contract, which was useful for RICs delegates who are new to the Regional Prime contracts.

Our Regional Prime Regional Operations Directors were also given the opportunity to provide an overview of each of the four specific Regional Prime contracts. The teams also had the opportunity to break out into regional groups and look at any current issues in more detail.

Following the success of the Army Infrastructure team’s visit to our Customer Service Centre in November last year, Col. Andy Szabo requested we host a visit from the new RICs in March. This will provide a great opportunity for the new RICs to see first-hand what we do, and further build on the important relationship between CarillionAmey, DIO and the Army Infrastructure team, ahead of the transfer of infrastructure budgets from DIO to the Top Level Budget holders in April.