11 January 2018: CarillionAmey and DIO refurbish mess facility at RAF Brize Norton

A high profile project to refurbish the Junior Ranks Mess (JRM) was recently completed by a team in Brize Norton on our Regional Prime South East contract. The facility had been closed following a roof leak and damage caused to mechanical & electrical kit meant the kitchen was unable to function. The impact of the closure meant that there was no dedicated mess facility for the junior ranks.

Works started in January 2017 with the roof being stripped and completely re-profiled whilst working under one of the biggest scaffolds in Europe at the time. The refurbishment works then started in July once the roof was finished and the team were working towards a challenging target to complete and have it ready for use by the 4 December 2017, a commitment made by our Operations Director, Jerry Moloney to DIO’s Service Delivery Director, Richard McKinney and the RAF Brize Norton Station Commander, Tim Jones.

The project significantly benefited from a very collaborative relationship between the key stakeholders, (our Project team, our supply chain partners, the local RAF end user community and DIO’s Site Infrastructure team). The work was completed to a high standard and the facility was handed over on time to enable the RAF catering squadron and ISS to serve the first meal. Soon after its opening, the facility was visited by Air Chief Marshall, Sir Stephen Hillier and the CEO of DIO, Graham Dalton, for an evening meal to recognise the mess being handed back to the junior ranks.

The project wasn’t short of challenges, long days and weekend work, but despite this, the team delivered the project on time with zero accidents or incidents.  In total the facility will benefit from a £4.2m investment which will make it one of the best Junior Ranks facilities across the RAF estate.