11 January 2018: CarillionAmey and DIO discuss their key challenges for their Regional Prime contracts in 2018

As we start the New Year, Mark Murphy, Defence Infrastructure Organisation Head of TFM Service Delivery, and Jerry Moloney, our Regional Prime Operations Director, have been reflecting on 2017. They’ve provided us with an insight into their main challenges and what they’ll be focussing on across all four Regional Prime contracts for 2018.

Mark and Jerry have identified four key challenges and will be working closely together to focus on them this year.

The first challenge is customer focus, something we have jointly made progress in already by bringing together CarillionAmey, DIO and Frontline Command Infrastructure representatives in recent meetings and events. We need to improve communication between these teams, and the way we work together, in order to resolve issues quickly and focus on our customer’s wants and needs. Mark said, “It doesn’t just mean telling the customer what they want to hear, it’s sometimes telling the customer what they don’t want to hear. It’s having an open book approach and focusing how we can get the result together, that’s what a customer focused organisation needs to do.”

DIO is also changing and aligning their structures so that teams are more regionalised. This enhancement will bring both DIO and us closer to our customers. Mark said, “We’re already regionalised with Regional Managers and teams, but that will be enhanced. This should speed things up and give us more customer focus. We’ll be working even closer with CarillionAmey to ensure that’s delivered.”

The second challenge is cost innovation and better investment to ensure value for money, especially with the changes being made to the delegation of budgets directly to our customers. Jerry said, “The frontline commands have a limited budget, they need to understand how to make the most out of that budget and data is really powerful. We hold lots of data, can share it, and help with understanding the data and the estate.”

The third challenge for DIO and ourselves is pace. There are a number of policies and processes to follow and sometimes this can slow things down considerably. We need to identify ways to speed some of these up and work to resolve issues quicker. Jerry said, “The output of these challenges will benefit CarillionAmey. If we do things quicker, our reputation is improved and it supports our revenue.”

Lastly, we need to focus on continuous improvement. We have made great progress in 2017, especially in the way we work as one team, and continuing this is important. Mark said, “We’ve now raised the bar and the expectations of our customers, so we’ve got to keep getting better and better.

Jerry added, “CarillionAmey and DIO’s operations teams are working a lot closer together, standing shoulder to shoulder when there’s a problem. I’m really pleased that we’re seeing this, not just at the most senior level, which is making us stronger for our customer.”