12 April 2018: CarillionAmey support the new look ICMM in the delegated funding era

Our Regional Prime South East team will soon be running dedicated Infrastructure Community Monthly Meeting (ICMM) training for staff who routinely represent the business at these monthly forums. This training will be rolled out to ensure that staff attending the ICMM’s are able to contribute more effectively as the changes in delegation of funding begin this month.

The current ICMM process has been reviewed by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and Top Level Budget Holders (TLBs) and they have identified and recommended key areas for improvement within the process. The implementation of these changes will be taking place over the next few months.

The changes include, for some TLBs, the introduction of co-chairmanship and a change in name from ICMM to Site Infrastructure Monthly Meeting (SIIM), along with an updated agenda. It will be our responsibility to ensure that we provide accurate and timely data as well as professional advice and support.

The training in the South East will begin in May with DIO participation. This programme is a continuation of the training that was rolled out across the all Regional Prime contracts last year. Our experience from that training programme was that DIO participation was highly valuable and we are hoping for the same in May.