12 October 2017: CarillionAmey and DIO complete ICMM Training Programme

After ten events across all Regional Prime Contracts, the final Infrastructure Community Monthly Meeting (ICMM) training event, for ourselves and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), has now taken place at HMS Collingwood on 10 October.

The 92 staff who attended have been given the opportunity to share best practice and contribute to the development of the new Monthly Performance Report. We welcomed the valuable contribution of the 26 DIO personnel that attended and given their own perspectives.

Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Grout, SO1 Facilities Management, and Sharon Bareham, SO2 Assurance, from Army Regional Command observed the final session. The feedback across all ten events has been positive and the new Monthly Performance report will be introduced formally in November across the contract.

The ICMM brings all local infrastructure stakeholders together to monitor the condition of the estate and our service delivery. It is used to gather data, identify risks and issues, and report accordingly up the management chains to inform Regional and Top Level Budget Holder management boards.

Our staff attending the ICMM’s have an important role within the business and a training programme to share good practice. They also demonstrate how we work collaboratively with DIO and introduce a new monthly performance report that will be rolled out.

Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Grout said, “Management of the military estate relies on effective collaboration between all stakeholders. CarillionAmey and the DIO’s ICMM training has this as a main focus and the new Monthly Performance Report format is a fine balance of clarity and relevance.”