12 October 2017: Local Army Reservist visits CarillionAmey’s Customer Service Centre

We’re proud of our Armed Forces and actively recruit those from within the military community, some of our employees are also part of the Army Reserves. Recently, Sergeant Ben Appleton, from one of our local Army Reserve units, 103 Regiment Royal Artillery, visited our Customer Service Centre in Speke.

He set up a stall at our Customer Service Centre in order to raise awareness of the Reserves and the work that they do, as well as answering any questions from staff interested in joining. Whilst Ben was visiting our Customer Service Centre, he was really keen to see the cycle around the world challenge we’re currently holding for SSAFA. He decided to help us reach our target by cycling 20 miles as well as receiving a tour of the Customer Service Centre.

We actively encourage our people to join the Reserves and support them in doing so allowing time off and flexibility with their work as and when they need it. Plenty of our staff, past and present, have been engaged in all kinds of vital deployments across the globe. A recent example was when an Area Delivery Manager came back to us after having a year off with the Reserves.

Ben said, “The Reserves offer a completely different perspective to regular soldiers, they bring so many skills and talents from their personal lives and civilian roles. Due to recent restructuring of the Armed Forces we now see the Army recruiting up to 30,000 Reservists who are able to deploy and support regular soldiers on operations.

He added, “All Reservists are paid for any training and receive bonuses every year when they’ve achieved set targets. Businesses like CarillionAmey are a great help to us. We’re looking at businesses to allow employees the ability to book time off for training, flexibility with shift work and in general engaging with reservists. The bonus for employees is they will also bring skills back to their role. Every promotion course is accredited by the institute of leadership and management.”