13 July 2017: You said, we did: Accommodation Officer training

As you already know, following the success of our 2016 Engagement Forum, we’re in the middle of engaging with our customers with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation through a series of workshops.

This is the next article in our series highlighting specific improvements we’ve made following feedback from our customers. You will have seen that we have introduced a full training package to improve our Accommodation Officers’ skills and make them more efficient within their role following feedback that our customers had lost faith in the service.

Our new AO training has been rolled out with sessions in regions across the UK. They were completed successfully, and on target, by the end of June and focussed on Pre-Move Out, Move Out and Move In appointments. They also included an equal mix of ‘functional’ task related training and customer service training using our partners at Drama Train. They’re a group who develop and deliver powerful training programmes, mixed with interactive drama, to businesses around the world.

Feedback about the format of the training from our AOs was all positive, they especially loved the actors, and a number of the team commented that the mix of practical and functional training made the day more interesting and highly informative.

The next step in improving our AO performance is to write up the ‘AO Customer Charter’ and invite everyone back to sign up to the commitments they made on each of the training sessions. This charter will focus on providing excellent customer service to our Service families when we visit their homes.

Luke Smith, our Performance Director – Operations, thanked those who took part and those who helped lead some of the training. He said, “Thanks to Kevin Corbyn, Alison Edwards, Philippa Patterson and the other guest speakers who supported region-specific sessions and helped make them a great success. Also thanks to Nick Collis for organising the day’s events and venues, we had over 150 people attend the sessions. The real stars of the show were the AO’s and regional team attendees who contributed with some really good suggestions and feedback. They showed a positive commitment to improving our service.”