14 June 2018: CarillionAmey lend a hand at Trooping the Colour

We recently worked closely with our supply chain to lend a hand for several events as part of the Queen’s Birthday Parade on our Regional Prime South East contract. The team are proud that they were able to play a significant part in the run up to the celebrations.

The events we were able to support were the Major Generals Review on 26 May 2018, the Beating Retreat for the Royal Marines on the 30 and 31 May, the Colonels Review on the 2 June, the Beating Retreat Household Division on 6 and 7 June and Trooping the Colour on 9 June.

We provided the seating and stands for all seven of these events, this consisted of erecting and dismantling the stands containing 6,500 seats used by the Military and members of the public. We erected eleven media towers allowing the BBC and Military Media, who were covering the event, to set up their equipment so the event could be televised. As part of the Beating Retreat events, we completed the electrical connections for the lighting and pyrotechnics.

We also ensured that our work was inspected on a weekly basis to ensure the events ran smoothly and brought in additional resources to ensure that we could complete the works on time at the beginning of May. Rehearsals continued on a daily basis up until the Major Generals Review.

Trooping the Colour, on Horse Guards Parade, marks the Queen’s official birthday. This important annual event features hundreds of officers, horses and musicians from the Household Division in ceremonial uniform. The team worked with Antac, our supply chain partner, to complete enabling works in the Major Generals Office, taking down curtains, removing a radiator and installing a podium allowing members of the Royal Family to watch the parade as it unfolded below. 1400 soldiers took pride of place at the event and this year the colours paraded were those of the Coldstream Guards.

Our Delivery Manager, Phil Daly, met with various Military personnel at Horse Guards Parade, personnel from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Cabinet Office, Royal Parks and subcontractor Austin Lewis, on a weekly basis to keep everyone up to date. We discussed the event requirements, due to each one being different, health and safety, timescales for delivery and planning, as we needed to ensure we didn’t disrupt any daily routines, we discussed the location of each stand to ensure emergency exits weren’t compromised and the media structure locations.