14 June 2018: CarillionAmey staff at the UKHO receive rare award

The Soft Service team led by Sam Lydon-Drake at the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO), Taunton, have been presented an award and letter of thanks for the support they provided at a recent conference held on site. The award is rarely given to non-UKHO staff, generally only given to MOD staff and at a lower value.

The team helped to prepare a large area, previously used for print production, into a conference room. This support included deep cleaning, changing the lighting, setting up furniture, adding other items last minute and then dismantling it all once the conference was over. They also provided catering for up to 550 staff at the conference.

The conference was a series of four sessions, in one day, for up to 150 attendees per session. This was set up for the Head of Establishment to relay the vision for the next twelve months.

The staff who received the award were proud to play such a significant role in the event and were delighted with the recognition. Events like this were previously held off-site, however, due to the success of this event, further conferences have now been held on site with more planned.

Our team were presented with an instant reward of £50 along with their award, which will be shared by the team, and a letter of thanks from the MOD that said, “The support you provided with getting the room cleaned and prepared and providing the bins and replacement clock on the day was a weight off our minds. The room looked very professional and the event went extremely well.”