15 February 2018: CarillionAmey continue improvements on our National Housing Prime contract in the South West

Last year we introduced the first of a series of changes to our supply chain model across the South West region of our National Housing Prime (NHP) contract. We brought in smaller contractors, local to their delivery areas, to carry out response maintenance, pre-planned maintenance, move-in preparation and project work. The changes were made to improve our focus and the service we provide to our customers.

The South West region previously operated with two contractors across the entire region, with one delivering gas works and the other delivering all remaining response maintenance. Introducing local contractors in each area, who deliver all trades was an important step in improving our service and increasing customer satisfaction. Rather than having contractors working and travelling across an entire region to attend appointments, we now have a more efficient local workforce.

We have seen great improvement since the mobilisation of the new contractors. We now have a more consistent performance in line with our contract, a reduction in complaints, higher customer satisfaction and a better experience from customers overall within the South West region. Communication between contractors and our local teams has also improved as they now work closer together because they are fully in control of delivery and customer experience in their respective areas.

Alexandria Hodge, Operations Support Manager in the South West, said, “There are still some challenges, but we are working collaboratively with all of our supply chains by supporting and promoting learning, growth and by driving continuous improvement and consistency across the region.”

Terry Duff, South West Regional Manager, said, “At the recent South West Army Head Quarter Regional Infrastructure Board, which had representation from around twelve Army units based within the South West region, it was recognised that customer sentiment had improved with a decrease in escalations and complaints that where being raised through the chain of command.”