15 February 2018: DIO host collaborative working event with CarillionAmey

We recently held a collaborative working workshop with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) at Sir John Moore Barracks, Shorncliffe, in our Regional Prime South East Contract area. This event was designed to identify issues that detract from effective collaborative working and confirm shared objectives. The final output was a series of actions to improve collaboration between our teams.

Effective collaborative working between DIO and ourselves is essential if we want to provide a good service delivery across the four Regional Prime Contracts. Taking part in the workshop were our staff and members of DIO from within the Kent Service Delivery Area.  This event was one of a rolling programme of collaborative working events being conducted across the Regional Prime South East contract over the next month.

This collaborative working event provided the opportunity to identify behaviours or procedures that may impact the service we deliver for our customers. Following feedback received from each event we will agree on actions to resolve issues quickly and in turn, improve service delivery. Several areas for improvement were identified in this particular workshop and there was plenty of positive and constructive feedback to work from.

Brian Pack, DIO Senior Estate Facilities Manager, attended the workshop and said, ‘’The Collaborative Working workshop provided every team member with the opportunity to participate, communicate, work together and share ideas in an open and honest forum. By combining our knowledge, skills and experiences we can all accomplish more for our customers. It was a very successful day.’’