16 November 2017: CarillionAmey helps with Service leavers’ transition to civilian life

Left to right: Senior Accommodation Officer Lewis McClelland, Accommodation Officer Tony Eyles, Bombardier Chris Hirst, Area Delivery Manager Sharon Havard

We are keen to recruit from the military community as Service leavers have a vast amount of experience in areas like leadership, self-discipline and problem solving as well working as a team under significant pressure. These skills can be adaptable in our business and we can learn from them in order to improve the service we provide to our customers.

Over 11% of our workforce come from a Service background and we’re proud to also offer mentoring and work experience for those who need help transitioning from Service to civilian life. In the South West National Housing Prime contract, Bombardier Chris Hirst took part in a work placement shadowing one of our Accommodation Officers. With him already having knowledge of SFA, he thought he had an idea of what to expect.

“I recently approached CarillionAmey as part of my resettlement to gain some valuable work placement. They were more than happy to accommodate to help with my transition into civilian street. My current role within 32 Regiment Royal Artillery Welfare Team meant that I already had an insight into Service Families Accommodation (SFA).

My perception of an Accommodation Officer (AO) for CarillionAmey was that on a daily basis they dealt with the March In’s and March Outs, also repairs and faults of SFA. During my one week work placement, it soon became apparent that what I thought their responsibilities were, were actually only a small percentage of their role.

The AOs work above and beyond anyone’s expectations, which I had the privilege of witnessing first hand. I attended a March In with AO Anthony Eyles. When we arrived the Service family were already in attendance along with their removals. A representative from Steele Davis was present at the time and explained to Anthony and myself that the mains water pipe in the property had just burst, meaning the property was flooded. Within minutes Anthony arranged for a new property to be available for the Service family for immediate March In, which the Service family were very appreciative of. This was only a small part of the process and there was a vast amount of further procedures that the AO then had to fulfil.

During my week of work experience with CarillionAmey I gained a vast amount of knowledge. I realised that CarillionAmey always put the families at the top of their priority and they are a real asset to the Ministry of Defence (MoD). I genuinely believe that the MoD and the Service families need to see the bigger picture of all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes of CarillionAmey. They are tied to vast amounts of policies but still try to go the extra mile.”