19 April 2018: CarillionAmey, DIO and the Henry Brothers replace hangar roof at RAF Waddington

We are currently working closely with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and supply chain partner, Henry Brothers, to replace the roof on a large hangar at RAF Waddington on our Regional Prime Central contract. The hangar needs to stay fully operational for the Royal Air Force (RAF) at all times and is divided internally, with one side housing the RAFs vehicle maintenance facility and the other half housing a training facility.

Birdcage scaffolding was erected within one half of the hangar, before moving on to the second half. The space between the scaffolding and the roof was fully boarded and sheeted, to protect the internal space from the weather. The roof is carefully being removed, as well as any asbestos containing materials, and will be replaced with a new one.

The roof was also surveyed to ensure that there was no presence of bats which could have potentially delayed the project. No evidence of bats were found, and the roof removal continued as planned.

Darren Parkin, our Senior Project Manager, and Paul Marshall, our Temporary Works Co-ordinator, hold regular meetings with the RAF, DIO, Unit, Safety Health Environment and Fire (SHEF) and the Specialist Team Royal Engineers. All parties are working collaboratively and communicating efficiently to ensure the project is delivered to a high quality.

The RAF are extremely pleased to be able to continue with their operations despite the ongoing project work taking place around them. Wing Commander Martin Rendall said, “CarillionAmey and Henry Brothers have been very cooperative, providing information and accepting Air Battlespace Training Centre (ABTC) limitations and requests. Communication flows have been effective and agreements regarding phased handover of the area and flexibility have been met and duly welcomed. I’m confident that the good coordination and healthy relationship with my military team and contractors will continue through the remainder of the project.”