19 June 2017: CarillionAmey staff achieve qualifications in Facilities Management

We encourage our staff to commit to learning, developing and providing the best service for our customers. Recently some of our Accommodation Officers (AOs) have been training to improve their skills. Most recently, Kayleigh Pennington, AO for Catterick, has achieved a British Institute of Facilities Management Level 3 certificate for Facilities Management.

The course was taken so she could become more effective and efficient within her role. She wanted to improve her confidence and aims to deliver service to a higher standard, adding value to our organisation.

The course enabled Kayleigh to focus on our specific policies and procedures on our Housing contract. Kayleigh also looked more broadly at our business plans and communications. A better understanding of all policies and procedures is something all of our people can benefit from, that is why we are currently rolling out a broader training plan for our AOs. Building our own innate confidence should also then lead to greater clarity of communication for our customers.

When not working on the military estate, Kayleigh also lives in Service Family Accommodation herself. This Service connection helps her in her role as an AO. She understand the needs of our customers, they have confidence in her and therefore her appointments run more smoothly. The lived experience of our customers is important to Kayleigh, because she wants to receive a great service herself, as a customer in her own right.

Kayleigh gets a huge amount of job satisfaction from delivering a good quality service, applying learning from her qualification to improve customer satisfaction and she loves developing relationships within her community.

Working as a full time AO and gaining an additional qualification was a challenge but the rewards made it worthwhile. Kayleigh said, “The course didn’t come easy, however, we were supported and encouraged to ensure that an appropriate amount of time was allocated to each task and that progress was being made against the plan for completion. In my 14 years’ experience in Customer Service, this qualification has been by far the most rewarding.”