08 June 2017: Mitie training in pest control delivered in Speke

In our efforts to work better together with Mitie Pest Control, our Customer Service Centre advisors have recently been given some self-help training. Steven Strawbridge came to Speke on 8th June 2017 for a two day training event to give our staff some DIY pest control tips they can offer to customers.

They were trained on the main pests we receive calls about and given some top advice from one of Mitie’s Regional Technical and Training Officer’s. This advice included how to deal with the pests and after care tips to keep the pests at bay to avoid having future call outs.

Not only does Steven work for Mitie, he also knows what it’s like to be a customer after spending 26 years in the Armed Forces. He was with The Royal Welsh Regiment and finished his term in Tidworth as the Welfare Colour Sergeant working with Service families. He has also worked closely with local Military Housing Liaison Officers dealing with housing issues.

A lot of his training knowledge was gained and adapted from his role in the Armed Forces. During his training in Speke, he told our advisors that this experience in the Forces has been instrumental in his role for Mitie. Having been a customer himself, he wants to ensure the technicians he is training are delivering the best service possible. He currently works in the Southern region for Mitie training their technicians in pest control and enabling them to gain the required qualifications needed for the role.

Helen Thompson, our Casework Manager, helped coordinate the visit and has been working on our Mitie Pest Control improvement plan. She was really pleased with how the training sessions went, as were our advisors. They really valued the training and left feeling confident.

Matt Bowman, Customer Service Team Manager, also wanted to share how much he enjoyed the sessions. He said, “I would like to say a massive thanks to Steve and Helen on behalf of everyone who attended the Mitie Pest Control training, everyone really enjoyed it and found it to be really useful. I can personally say it was one of the best training sessions I’ve had over the years. We were firing questions left, right and centre to find out more and we were very interested.”