20 December 2017: CarillionAmey provide an update on the process for move out charges

Following recent media coverage and questions being raised on social media we’ve put together a quick overview of how the ‘move out charges’ process works. We hope these points are helpful in understanding why and how occupants might face charges at move out, and how disputes should be handled.

  1. DIO set a clear ‘move out standard’ for occupants of Service Family Accommodation, it is the occupant’s responsibility to ensure the move out standard is achieved when moving out (this is agreed in the occupant’s licence to occupy)
  2. DIO set the rates for charges for failures at move out
  3. DIO ask CarillionAmey to enforce move out charges with occupants
  4. No money from move out charges goes to CarillionAmey, it goes directly back to the Ministry of Defence. Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) state that the money is used to reinvest in housing
  5. CarillionAmey check compliance with the move out standard and agree any failures with the occupant or their representative at the move out appointment. CarillionAmey then send their recommendation to DIO
  6. In certain cases a move out appointment may be conducted by a ‘proxy’ (an occupant’s representative) because the occupant cannot be present. The proxy, acting on the occupant’s behalf, will sign to agree or dispute any proposed charges
  7. DIO are responsible for applying charges based on CarillionAmey’s recommendation
  8. CarillionAmey have a complaints process for occupants to raise any concerns about their handling of this process and DIO have a process for managing disputed move out charges

For further information on how to complain, moving out and charges please see the DIO website: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/defence-infrastructure-organisation-service-family-accommodation