20 July 2017: CarillionAmey help improve accommodation rooms at Wellington Barracks

A team from our Regional Prime South East contract recently helped improve three accommodation rooms at Wellington Barracks as part of a community project, and received great feedback from the Chain of Command.

The Commanding Officer and the Quartermaster identified unused rooms in the transit accommodation at Wellington Barracks and asked if they could be spruced up to be used for service personnel transiting through London. The rooms were in much need of some TLC and our local staff were glad to volunteer their help as part of our community volunteer programme.

The area was completely redecorated and the lobby area walls and woodwork were all cleaned in order to get it prepared for use. BJF Connections Limited donated the paint and decorating materials and a team of volunteers from our business completed the works on all three rooms, in one day.

Garrison Commander, Vince Gaunt, expressed his thanks to the team and to our Operations Director, Jerry Moloney. He said, “I wish to offer my sincere thanks and appreciation for their work and I know from my Quartermaster, Aidan Coogan, who spent the day with the team, that there was an excellent approach to the work, morale was high and teamwork evident from the outset. I also believe that everyone enjoyed the day and got great satisfaction from doing something different.”