20 July 2017: You said, we did: Improving supply chain

Following the success of our 2016 Engagement Forum, we’re in the middle of engaging with our customers, with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation, through a series of workshops. This week, we visited customers in Woolwich.

This is the penultimate article in our series highlighting specific improvements we’ve made after reviewing feedback from our customers about our service. You will have seen that we recently started to improve our supply chain following a rise in complaints.

Back in March we introduced the first of a series of changes to our supply chain model in the South West. To improve our focus on our customer, we brought in four smaller contractors, local to their delivery areas, to start handling maintenance, move-in preparation and funded project work. Most recently we have also handed over gas work to our local suppliers.

Since introducing these changes, we have seen a notable decrease in customer complaints and an improvement in customer satisfaction. Our Net Promoter Score for the region is now +55 and we are getting much more positive feedback. Our Area Delivery Managers were also given more authority and control in their roles, resulting in quicker resolution of issues and better communication.

Handing over gas works was a really important step for us in our improvement plan. Our four contractors, Mi Space, HS Group, GBE and Steel Davies, are now fully in control of delivery and customer experience for their respective areas. The transfer was completed on 3 July, and all jobs were successfully taken over by the four contractors.

With the new supply chain model already working really well in the South West, we are now looking to do the same in the South East. As a company nearly 60% of the money we spend is now with Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), against the government’s target of 25%, which, hand in hand with employing more staff from the military community, is helping us to deliver improvements at a local level.