21 December 2017: Officers’ Quarters in Bovington are given an upgrade in time for Christmas

The first phase on a project to upgrade Officers Quarters in the South West has been completed to a high standard on our National Housing Prime contract. The properties were given some significant home improvements to reduce utility costs and improve insulation, just in time for Christmas and the New Year.

Several of the quarters received new roofs, and hanging tiles to front elevations were replaced incorporating insulation in order to improve energy efficiency. Most of the properties also had bathroom and kitchen replacements and the installation of new energy efficient boilers.

We worked in close partnership with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) to deliver this project, worth in excess of £1.5 million. Our supply chain partner Robert Rice Contractors also used their valued contractor Inspired Home Improvements to help complete the works and manage the site.

Our team was led by Marcus Howlett, CarillionAmey Area Contracts Manager. Dexter Pedder and Shearon Hewitt, DIO Area Estates Management team, dealt with any issues as they arose and were instrumental with the Garrison support team in ensuring the project work was complete without delays or access issues.

Dexter Pedder, DIO Housing Estate Manager, said, “This project has been well managed from conception to completion, with support being provided by all team members, inclusive by Garrison, CA, DIO, and especially via your delivery contractor, who has managed the works to such a high standard and liaised so well with the occupants. Thanks again for all your help.

Many families could see the benefits of the project and were happy with their new home improvements. Major R D Walker, Quartermaster, said, “You’re guys are a good bunch, extremely considerate and you can see that they try and leave the place in a reasonable state at the end of the working day, which I appreciate. I thank you for that.”

Nina Miles said, “I have to congratulate you on an excellent team who obviously knew what they were doing, were respectful to my property and more so courteous, informative, tidied every day and I felt comfortable going to work and knowing there would be progress every day. Any issues were minor and apologies if I emailed you most evenings to ask about this, that and the other, thank you for your prompt response and allaying any fears.”