21 September 2017: Improving Service Family homes at Gamecock Barracks

The first phase of a major improvement project to refurbish properties at Gamecock Barracks, Warwickshire, has been successfully delivered by CarillionAmey.

The project, overseen by CA Project Manager, Mark Nadin, has seen Service Family Accommodation on the estate transformed from tired and outdated homes into smart and modern places to live, with the installation of 110 new kitchens and 65 new bathrooms.  A further 104 properties have also been fitted with new energy efficient doors and windows, ensuring families can look forward to a reduction in their annual fuel bills.

Although delivered on time, the project was not without its challenges which included issues with gaining access to some of the properties.

Mark Nadin said “Many of the Gurkhas who live on the Estate returned to Nepal for their summer break which made it a little more difficult to get into their homes to check and sign off the work. Hurricane Irma also had an impact when soldiers were deployed to the Caribbean to help with the relief work but despite these challenges, we were able to meet our deadlines and hand the properties over to the families.”

Shelley Briggs works on the camp as a Senior Welfare Officer, and is also one of the occupants who has benefited from the improvements. Shelley said “I am very happy with how the works were carried out and more than happy with my completed kitchen.”

Building on this success, CarillionAmey are currently in the process of mobilising another project at Gamecock Barracks to replace 61 roofs, which is due to begin at the end of October 2017.