22 March 2018: CarillionAmey Regional Prime and National Housing Prime staff take part in joint Safety Action Group training day

Staff from our South East and South West Regional Prime and National Housing Prime contracts recently attended a joint Safety Action Group (SAG) Chair and Facilitators training day. SAG meetings play an important role in making sure our staff and supply chain partners are collaborating in their support of our health and safety rules and behaviours.

They provide a forum for honest and open discussions on safety issues, welfare improvement and occupational health. They include representatives from all departments across the business along with Senior Managers from our supply chain partners. The training, which was hailed a great success by those who attended, provided attendees with the skills they need to implement and manage their own SAG meetings effectively.

They learnt that by sharing their key local health and safety issues such as Don’t Walk Bys and near misses, allows others to input their ideas on how to prevent these issues re-occurring in the future. They also discussed the results of our recent staff health and safety survey, reviewed their area’s health and safety performance and discussed the importance of recognising and celebrating the safety achievements of our staff and supply chain partners more regularly. Ensuring we are working safely is important in making sure that the people around us are kept safe.

Steve Mathews, our Safety, Health, Environment & Fire (SHEF) Specialist in the South East, chaired the event and said, “SAG meetings are vital to ensure we understand and analyse our health and safety data so we can prevent accidents and draw attention to areas of risk. It’s also a great way of sharing ideas and best practice with our supply chain partners and to continuously review and improve our health and safety processes. Correcting flawed procedures is an important part of keeping the workplace safe and accident free. Thank you to everyone who took part.”