22 March 2018: Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Operatives at Dalton Barracks by the Station Commander

Station Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Craig Hanson recently presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Tony Joyce, RDM Handy Man, and Jason Mearns, ISS Supervisor for recognition of the hard work they do on site at Dalton Barracks on our Regional Prime South East contract.

Tony and Jason received the certificates individually in a presentation delivered by Lieutenant Colonel Craig Hanson. Those in attendance were John Riley, our Operations Director for the South East, Simon Hicks, one of our South East Area Managers, Martin Webb, ISS Area Manager, Stefan Cox, RDM Supervisor, and Andy Phillips, RDM Cores Services Director.

Jason was praised for his contributions to Grounds Maintenance since he took over as Site Supervisor around one year ago. He was recognised for his hard work, particularly during the recent weather conditions working through the night gritting and ploughing the camp, and the positive effect he had on the site teams’ morale.

Tony was similarly praised for his contributions, particularly to the running of the main boiler house, his attention to detail and commitment to his work. The teams rely on him to effectively deliver the more complicated jobs at Dalton Barracks and all of the other operatives tend to look to him to lead the way. Both Tony and Jason were thanked for their attitudes and approach to their work by taking ownership of issues.

During the presentation, Lieutenant Colonel Craig Hanson was keen to point out that the whole station was working well and an improvement can be seen to the infrastructure due to the hard work and efforts of the site teams. The key stakeholders, the Station, the Regimental Reps, the Defence Infrastructure Organisation and our teams, all work collaboratively together helping to deliver the contract effectively.

He provided an insight into the Barracks and some of the operations that site personnel are currently involved in. He talked about how the lives of the soldiers stationed there had been improved in this contract and as a result of this, personnel retention within the regiments was good. He also mentioned that the recognition should be given to the site teams who weren’t always visible and work in the background to ensure service isn’t disrupted.

Colonel Craig Hanson said, “I am absolutely delighted to be presenting these awards to two individuals that have made a significant impact to better the lives of the soldiers living and operating in Dalton Barracks. Their drive and commitment has ensured this camp can continue to deliver its operational outputs as well as continuing to improve both the infrastructure and look and feel of the Camp. Both Tony and Jason have worked significantly above what could ever be expected of them and we are hugely grateful for their drive and commitment. They are a credit to their organisations and Defence.”