22 March 2018: DIO: Transfer of Infrastructure Budgets to Defence TLBs from April 2018

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) is changing for its customers, its suppliers, its staff and ultimately the end users of the estate. These changes are really important to ensure the Armed Forces have a greater understanding of the estate they use, have greater control of investment choices which are made, and also have a greater incentive to make more efficient use of the estate they need, and to dispose of the estate no longer needed.

April 2018 is an important milestone, it is the date when infrastructure budgets will be delegated to the Defence Top Level Budget holders (TLBs), requiring DIO to change the way it provides its services to its TLB customers.

From April onwards, customers will really start to see changes in how DIO works with them. DIO Customer Support Teams, aligned to each TLB, will have an increasingly important role in providing planning support, advice and expertise, defining requirements and assisting with the development of annual Command Infrastructure Delivery Plans (CIDP). These CIDPs will set the priorities for what DIO will deliver for each TLB in the coming year.

A regional delivery model is being implemented which will make it easier to deliver against the CIDPs for the TLBs. The regional model will enable DIO to provide a better service at a local level. Each of the five Regions will be responsible for the delivery of hard and soft facilities management and, from October, some projects. Major programmes and projects will continue to be managed nationally. Heads of Establishment will have access to a regional multidisciplinary team who will provide access to all the delivery services that DIO provides, from construction, maintenance to disposal.

These changes will not affect DIO’s Industry Partner relationships or the way that contracts are run. The TLBs will only be able to use DIO to contract work with Industry Partners unless an exemption (from using DIO as the delivery agent) is granted and a related business case approved. This means that the relationship with suppliers remains a critical part of DIO’s ability to deliver against the CIDPs.

DIO is also in the process of improving its supply chain management. They’re developing a more sophisticated dialogue with a range of potential suppliers, contractors and consultants to make the organisation easier to work with as a client, and to give potential suppliers a better sense of what DIO is trying to do as a business.

DIO’s transformation will continue for the next two years, as the organisation establishes the new ways of working that will set DIO on the path to becoming the MOD’s expert estate services business.

For more information on the Future DIO programme please speak to your Head of Establishment, or DIO staff can visit the Future DIO intranet page.This link can only be accessed via DII.