We’re currently out engaging with our customers through a series of workshops across the UK with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation, following the success of our 2016 Engagement Forum. This week we held our second customer workshop at RAF Cosford.

This is the next article in a series where we’ll be highlighting some of the specific improvements we have put in place since reviewing feedback over the last 12 months. The feedback we receive is used to shape the future of our business so this engagement is of great value and importance to us.

Last year our customers told us that there were too many inconsistencies in our move in/move out process, problems with cleaning and the 14 day observation report. They had lost confidence in our Accommodation Officers and said we were failing too many times.

Following this, we have conducted a full review of AO tasks and carried out a best practice review of all appointments. We are also introducing a full training package for all of our AOs and several of them have undertaken courses to become more effective and efficient within their roles. AO training will be complete by the end of June.

As well as improving our competency through training, we will ensure that a full walk around will be included at move in and move out with the family as part of the process. We are improving our 14 day observation form by making it electronic, which should provide a clearer audit trail. It is critical that occupants take responsibility for ensuring paperwork, such as the move in form and 14 day observation form are completed correctly, the occupant is signing to accept the property so it is important they understand their responsibilities too. Our AOs will be trained to reinforce these points and also focus on improving the understanding of cleaning standards that have to be achieved by the occupant prior to move out.

By working together, we can ensure that families are given the right support and a service that enables MOD standards to be upheld by all parties. The latest Customer Engagement Workshop was attended by our Managing Director, Daniel Easthope, and our Operations Director, Tom Silvey. They both spent time engaging with and listening to the families’ experiences of our service.

Our Managing Director, Daniel Easthope, enjoyed attending the workshop at RAF Cosford. He said, “We held an open session with our housing families. It included an update from ourselves and DIO on our performance and the improvements we are driving. We then spent time with the families listening to some of the issues they had and understanding how we could improve our service. We got loads of feedback from those that came along, it wasn’t all negative and there was some good interaction. We will learn from this and use the feedback to improve.”