23 November 2017: Army Infrastructure team and DIO visit CarillionAmey Customer Service Centre to discuss transfer of budgets for 2018

With changes to the control of infrastructure budgets due to be implemented from April 2018, Top Level Budget holders within the Ministry of Defence, including the Army, will gain greater control of how, where and when they want to invest across the estate. Last week CarillionAmey hosted an event with Defence Infrastructure Organisation and the newly formed Army Infrastructure team to discuss challenges across the Regional Prime estate, understand the Army team’s new structure and vision for infrastructure, develop relationships and take a look at the wider CarillionAmey operation from the Customer Service Centre in Speke, Liverpool. The three teams are very much looking to build a strong relationship now, ahead of the transfer of delegated budgets to the Army, so that the change is smooth and focus can be directed to delivery.

Jerry Moloney, CarillionAmey Regional Prime Operations Director said  “with the transfer of delegations on the horizon it was a great opportunity for DIO, CA and the Army to come together and talk openly about how we make sure we learn and understand from each other and how to make sure we get the best from our 3 way relationship.

I was really pleased that Colonel Andy Szabo and his team listened with interest to some of our challenges and offered support on how we can make things better going forward.

It’s always pleasing when our customers visit the Helpdesk and they get to understand the scale and complexity of the service we provide. The visit by the Army and DIO gave us the ability to showcase what we do and made our staff feel more valued for the part that they play in delivering the service.

I’m really looking forward to working closely with DIO and the other TLBs to make sure the transfer of delegations is successful

CarillionAmey and Defence Infrastructure Organisation are working hard to ensure the transfer of delegation to the Army is a success, and that money is invested wisely, based on good data, customer insight and sound forward planning. Every month the Regional Prime helpdesk takes over 25,000 infrastructure related calls, and an ever increasing number of digital contacts, so part of the event enabled attendees to listen into live calls.

Colonel Andy Szabo commented “meeting the Customer Service teams and listening to calls with them gave us a clear insight into the volume and challenges faced by those on the front line of service delivery.  Their professionalism and pride in solving problems for our soldiers was very evident. The visit also provided a great opportunity to have discussions with members of the senior management teams of both CarillionAmey and the DIO.  If we are going to provide the best service possible to our soldiers’ effective collaboration between the Army Infrastructure staff, the DIO and the Industry Partner is essential. Positive engagement events like this allow us to share ideas and objectives and in turn achieve better outcomes

The event marked a great start to building an important relationship. Planning is already underway to hold a similar event with the Royal Navy and talks are underway regarding how such an event might also benefit the RAF and other TLBs.

Mark Murphy, DIO Head of Regional Prime Service Delivery commented “working with CarillionAmey and the TLBs to ensure effective delivery of infrastructure services is a top priority. We are taking a simplified, focussed approach, making sure we are following a shared vision, at all levels within our organisations and creating accelerated routes to dispute resolution when issues occur. The event at the CarillionAmey Customer Service Centre was really well received, and now we have to build on that by doing the best possible job for the Army.”