23rd November 2017: CarillionAmey and DIO wrap up Customer Engagement Forum

We have completed a series of Customer Engagement Forum workshops, in collaboration with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation, across our National Housing Prime contract. We would like to take the opportunity to share initial feedback and share what we’ll be doing next.

These workshops have provided a voice to our Service families to share their experiences on what’s gone well, not so well and to help us understand future priorities. It has been great to hear that our customers have started to feel positive changes brought about since last year’s forum, in particular complaint management, as well as the overall service provided by our operatives.

At the halfway point, there were emerging themes specifically in relation to the move in experience, management of complex/multi trade work and the empathy and customer care demonstrated by our team. As we complete the workshops, the themes we have identified will provide key areas for improvement.

We appreciate that our Service personnel, their families and our stakeholders took the time to come along and talk to us and thanks also to those who helped arrange each of the workshops.

The feedback received during the workshops has provided us with valuable insight into what our customers think about our services and will help us plan for the future. Our next step is to gather all feedback received throughout the year and create an action plan. The results of which will form a new series of articles discussing the issues raised in the workshops and what we’ll be doing or what we have done, to resolve them.

Stuart Jones, Communications and Customer Service Director, said, “I think the level of customer engagement across the housing contract is fantastic. Face to face forums, workshops, digital and social media as well as telephone feedback drives a focus on key themes. The themes we are understanding from recent engagements are leading to actions for CarillonAmey, DIO and local units to help improve the experience of people living in SFA. Some of these actions will create immediate improvements, while some are more about future contracts and systems, but the important point for me is that families have a clear input into that process.”