24 August 2017: Army Basing Programme project in Scotland reaches key milestone

Key Army Basing Programme projects are well underway with significant progress being made in Scotland on our Regional Prime contract. We’re currently supporting a project to bring a tired sports pitch back to life at Dreghorn Barracks in Edinburgh.

We’re working hard with our stakeholders, including the Defence Infrastructure Organisation and the Army Basing Programme team, to ensure the project remains on track and is delivered to a high quality, successfully and on time for 2018.

The project to transform the derelict sports pitch has come through some major challenges. These have involved the discovery and treatment of knotweed, the careful handling of a nearby badger sett to minimise any adverse environmental impact. The persistent, and sometimes torrential, rain in both June and July also didn’t help. With a break in the weather, a short dry spell allowed us to focus on significant catch up.

All lateral drainage has now been installed on the pitch and the top soil grading carried out. Final levelling and grading is now taking place in preparation for seeding. This project is progressing well for delivering a high quality sports pitch to the resident Rifles Regiment.